Saturday, January 30, 2016

Raleigh Sunbeam Winkie Tricycle Project

It is time to revitalize "Betsy" the family trike that generations of my family have grown up riding.
The first task is to learn how to remove the 14 x 1 3/8 tyres from the English Trike, which the Duke of Edinburgh once apparently rode. This trike has a delightful rear trunk which is great for storing all kinds of kids stuff -- it also has a handle which can help parents guide their little tyke if necessary.

Steel Tube Frame with Sheet Metal Fenders.

Bar at bottom is retractable guide to help push children along or maintain control of their riding.

12/12/2016 Update -- All 3 tyres (tires) changed with new inner tubes. Components cleaned and now ready for re-assembly over Christmas!

8/27/2017 Update
See this link for the latest on Betsy. We met our Christmas 2017 deadline when the next generation is slated to ride her for the first time!


  1. we've got one of these. uncle bought it in whitstable kent (or thereabouts) & brought it out to australia as a present for my big brother born in 1956. one had to watch the rear wheelarches or the corners would tear chunks out of sides of the ankles. i restored his about 25 years ago. little sister came & borrowed it today, so it still gets some use.

  2. ours is blue. the tyres are some stupid size, where did you get the tyres & tubes from?

  3. if & when it returns, i can get some pics.....

  4. Would love to see your pictures and thanks for the feedback on this. I haven't actually sourced new wheels, but replaced the tyre inner tubes. I found the tubes fairly easily. Will link it on the page when I find this. Cheers!